Zion 1:10 Tincture

Zion 1:10 Tincture

Zion’s 1:10 Tincture has a peppermint profile with muted undertones of cannabis terpenes. As with all Zion Pharma products, the cannabinoid profile is neatly organized on the box and bottle labels, from the highest to the lowest concentration of cannabinoids. What really stands out about this product is that it has 3147mg of pharma-grade CBD, making it an incredibly therapeutic formulation. This product is a great beginner or daytime tincture. Users of this product have observed it is particularly effective for therapeutic use with very low negative THC side effects like paranoia or anxiety; they also reported alleviation of muscle spasms, pain relief, and anti-anxiety benefits.

Product Details

Manufacturer: Zion

252mg THC - 3147mg CBD



Ingredients: Cannabis Oil, MCT oil, peppermint