Dragonfly True OG Vape Cart

Dragonfly True OG

True OG, which stands for "Ocean Grown" is a California native that is an indica strain through and through.  This strain is very potent, surprisingly relaxing, and quite flavorful with hints of pine, citrus, and an overall earthy tone.   Cannabis pharmacists recommend this strain for sleeping issues, gastrointestinal relief, and ant-inflammation as well as increasing appetite and over-all pain relief.   After inhaling, it may take up to 10 minutes to feel the effects that will only continue to grow as time passes.  We suggest using this strain in the evening or when there is time to relax as it can trigger a warm, melting feeling that can leave you couch-locked and intensely relaxed
500mg cartridges filled with pure cannabis extract
Instructions for Use: Start slow. Gently inhale for 2 seconds and wait to measure effect. For vaporization only. Do not ingest orally or apply topically.

Strain Details

Manufacturer: Dragonfly 

THC: 68.84%



Terpene Profile:
Humulene and Pinene