Wellness Bags

What is a Wellness Bag?


The cold winter months bring about a multitude of struggles for those without shelter. Our goal is to make even the slightest difference in their lives.


  • We are collecting items that can benefit our neighbors and community members who are currently houseless and struggling. We are asking patients to consider donating items that will ease that struggle.
  • There is a receptacle to gather supplies in the front lobby of Dragonfly.
  • We will provide a reusable canvas tote and a comprehensive list of community resources printed on each bag.
  • Dragonfly Staff will separate and disperse items into bags to be hand-delivered to the recipient.

The supply drive for our winter-specific Wellness Bags will last from the months of November 2020 to February 2021. 

 As the seasons change, we will update the contents of the drive accordingly to include a Spring and Summer Wellness Bag list.



Please consider donating the following items when you visit the pharmacy to be delivered to those exposed to the elements.

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