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Create an Online Store Account

Click here to create an account. 


Once you sign up, our team will verify you’re a patient of Dragonfly Wellness within 24 business hours and you’ll be given access to the online store.

For patients who are still using a letter, you will enter your PL# rather than your Medical Card Number when signing up.

Create a Hypur Account

Click here to create a Hypur account.

Hypur must be used for online orders


1. If you bank with a local credit union, or a smaller bank and have trouble with linking your account, Hypur support will be able to assist (480-500-1974).

2. Some patients will receive a “Success” message when adding their account, but when going back to “Payment Sources” your account is no longer listed. Hypur will be able to assist (480-500-1974) in getting that corrected.

3. Due to existing banking regulations, when you initially add an account there will be a $300 limit for purchases until your information is verified in Hypur.

Once your account is verified, you will now be able to see our Online Store!

-For patients who are still using a letter, you will enter your PL# with an expiration date of 12/31/2020, rather than a Medical Card Number at checkout.


Dragonfly provides all patients with their PL# in their initial registration emails. If you need your PL# feel free to reach out.

If you are unable to see the Shop once verified, logging out and logging back in, or clearing your cache and cookies will solve this problem.


You can now shop online and pick up your order at the Express Pickup Line or at the Express Pickup Drive-Thru!