Dragonfly Cannabis Glass Recycle Program


Save Your Glass

We will collect your cannabis glass!
Whether it be a jar from Dragonfly, another company, or a tincture bottle; don’t throw it away!

In the cannabis industry, we use a considerable amount of glass and we are excited to do our part to make planet Earth a more sustainable place to live. All jars will be sent to a recycling center where they will be cleaned, crushed, and reused


Bring in Your Glass

  • Write your name on a bag and load up your glass cannabis items.
  • We are also able to recycle the flower jar lids, but ask that you unscrew them from the jars first.
  • Tincture bottle lids will need to be thrown in the trash.
  • Handoff your bag to a Wellness Associate at the front desk and we will add your reward points to your account. 

Get Your Reward

Every glass item will be worth one point and is added towards our rewards program that is launching soon!
Every dollar you have ever spent in our pharmacy since we have opened has been earning you points towards a reward system for patient loyalty perks at Dragonfly!