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We choose to donate to local organizations that strengthen our community around us. 


Organization Suggestions

Do you have a great suggestion? Let us know here!

We are always looking for local non-profits or charities that better the world around us.

Donate in Other Ways

Volunteer & Donate Your Time

It’s not always possible to donate financially. Fill out the form below to be added to our list of volunteers. We will reach out to you when service opportunities become available to us.

We cannot thank you enough for your generous donation of your valuable time.


Pay It Foward

From the Community –

To the Community

If you’ve been in the pharmacy, chances are you have seen our pay it forward box. 


The pay it forward funds are from the community to the community. We use what many patients would “tip” and pay it forward to the next patient who could be a few bucks short for their medicine. 

Pay it Forward is the quickest way to give back to your community and help out your fellow patients. 

Next time you are in the pharmacy, take a look and ask one of our awesome Wellness Associates about the Pay it Forward.