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This month's Book: Breaking the Grass Ceiling

Breaking the Grass Ceiling: Women, Weed & Business

Breaking the Grass Ceiling is a biographical collection featuring powerful, driven and courageous women who have been instrumental in paving the way into the cannabis industry for many—especially other women. Within these pages, 21 women share their triumphs, heartaches, and words of wisdom derived from their incredibly diverse experiences within the legal cannabis industry. These profiles reveal what happens when women persevere, battling old schools of thought in their quest for equality, respect, and a voice at the top. Representing the unique fields of cannabis consulting, technology, dispensary operations, human resources, cultivation, scientific research, law, infused products, policy, advocacy, and activism, these women have contributed years of pioneering efforts to the industry. Not only has their work helped shape the cannabis industry as it exists now, they have opened a door through which other women can follow and continue to build the industry into one with no ceiling at all.

Meet Your Hosts



Nessa is a Salt Lake native, long-term med cannabis user and an OG Wellness Associate at Dragonfly, and an active canna-advocate!


Connor is on DF's processing team and is an avid book lover! His favorite books are anything by Tolkien (or maybe it's Tokin'...baddum tss!).

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March 2021

Weed the People
-Bruce Barcott

April 2021

The Cannabis Manifesto
-Steve DeAngelo

May 2021

The Sinsemilla Technique

June 2021

Breaking the Grass Ceiling
-by Ashley Picillo and Lauren Devine 

Read Some Books With Buds

Receive book club updates and reminders before each monthly virtual discussion.

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