Helpful Resources for Medical Cannabis in Utah

Trust the Process

We are simply a pharmacy where you may pick up your medicine. We do not have any control over the medical cannabis card process at all. With that being said, we want to make the process move along as smoothly as possible. This is a helpful guide with some quick links on how to get started!
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From Start to Finish

Meet with QMP

Your QMP gets alerted and approves the application

In EVS, ackowledge your provider's approval and pay the $15 fee

UDOH will review your application and issue you a card

After receiving a confirmation email from Dragonfly, click the included link and book your first time patient consultation

Purchase medical cannabis!

Helpful Tips


Know The Qualifications

Not just anyone can become a medical cannabis cardholder. Do you know if you qualify?  The Department of Health has released a lengthy list of qualifying medical conditions. Speak with your medical provider to see if cannabis can elevate your way of life. (Spoiler: it will!)





Find a QMP You Trust

Have you asked your provider if they are a Qualified Medical Provider (QMP)? What if your doctor isn’t a QMP?   It is ideal that the provider you have been seeing and with whom you have built a relationship could also prescribe you cannabis. But, that is not always the case.  The Utah Dept. of Health has a registrar of QMPs around the state.  You can search by your county and research which provider is right for you. 





Be Vigilant

We know: there is a lot of steps! Don’t be discouraged. If you follow all the steps to apply for a card, the rest moves fairly quickly. Be sure to check on the status of your card in the EVS.  Be in contact with your QMP along the way to know when they have approved your application. If you get stuck, you can always shoot the Dept of Health an email and receive a response within 24 hours.