Pay With Hypur

What is Hypur?

Ditch the Cash and Use a Safer, Quicker Way to Pay!


Hypur Pay™ lets you pay for cannabis  from Dragonfly Wellness, directly from your bank account.  

Free. No signup or transaction fees.  

Fast. No cash needed, check out with the Hypur application. 

Universal. Use Hypur to pay for in-store, pickup,  and future online and delivery orders at Dragonfly Wellness.

How Do I Use Hypur?

 Set Up Hypur in 3 Steps!


1.  Enter in your information

2. Choose a personal access code (PAC)

3. Connect your bank account directly to the secure app.

Payment Could Not be More Simple


"Check-In" to Dragonfly Wellness on the app.

If ordering online, enter your PAC when prompted.

  If inside the pharmacy, let a Wellness Associate know you would like to use Hypur! Then enter in your unique PAC number.

And That's It!


Pick up your products by using the Drive-Thru or the Express Lane inside the pharmacy.

You can relax knowing your transaction is secure and safe