How to Judge Quality Flower


Watch our instructional video featuring Dragonfly Wellness Associate, Liz.

Liz talks about the key factors to look for when judging cannabis flower. 
Cannabis should generally be a nice, solid green color. Varying shades of purple and red can be seen too, but steer away from browns and grays.  Color pockets could indicate bud rot or mold, although it is rare. 
The smell should be pleasing to you and not grassy, musty, or anything resembling hay.  Be mindful if the bud smells of mold as well. 
Be sure the trim is nice and tight with the families of leaves are removed. Leaves and stems can increase the weight of the bud decrease the effects when vaped. 
Properly cured bud will be sticky and not wet. The nug should have an audible snap and not be squishy.  If the bud is not completely cured, open the lid to your jar once a day and keep it closed tight all other times. 
The size of the bud is not an indicator of quality. Buds can come in all sizes and shapes and still retain all the medical benefits. 
A common misconception is that THC levels determine the quality, but this is FALSE.  There's a plethora of cannabinoids in every plant that each hold their own medical benefits. 
Terpenes like myrcene, linolene, etc. determine many effects the flower has on your body and everyone's endocannabinoid system reacts differently to each one.