Onset Time:  1-2 Hours
Duration: 6-8 Hours

Start low and go slow. You may not feel the effects of an edible at first because of the long onset time. Wait at least 3 hours before altering or increasing the dose.

How to Use:

  • Talk with your QMP or a PMP to get a recommended starting dose.
  • Always start on low doses and slowly increase doses.
  • After consuming the edible, wait about 3 hours to see the full effect of that dose before adjusting or increasing the dose.
  • Depending on if you ingest cannabis with a full or empty stomach, it may affect the rate of onset and the effects felt.


  • There is a deeper effect that accompanies the longer duration.
  • Dosing is discreet with no odor or devices.
  • Dosing can be taken in advance.
  • When metabolized it may become more potent and may allow patients to feel relief with lower doses.



  • There is a longer onset making it easy for patients to “over-do it”.
  • Adjusting consumption levels may take time to find the perfect dose for each patient
  • Most edibles look like candy and care must be taken to keep them away from children and animals.
  • Because edibles are metabolized by the liver, there is a higher chance of interactions with other medications.