Onsight Time: Immediate
Duration: 2-3 Hours

Please Note: Utah Law does not allow for putting a flame to flower and smoking.

How to Use:

  • Gather a couple of buds of cannabis flower, grind it, and load your desired amount into the heating chamber of device. (See your device’s manual for loading instructions.)
  • Turn on device and select temperature setting.
  • For first dosing on any new strain, inhale for about 1-2 seconds, hold 3-5 seconds and exhale.
  • Wait about 15-20 minutes then evaluate dose and adjust as necessary.
  • Flower in the chamber is used or already been vaped (ABV) when it turns brown and no more vapor appears on exhale.


  • Vaporizing flower is less irritating than smoking.
  • No harmful byproducts of smoking such as carcinogens.
  • Less odor so more discreet than smoking.
  • Vaporizing cannabis is more effective as medicine is not burned off and lost in the air.
  • Vaporizing allows you to access the full spectrum and use of the cannabinoids and terpenes. 


  • There is a slight learning curve to use the device.
  • Device must be cleaned and maintained.
  • More of an initial investment.