Boojum High-Dose Capsules

Boojum High-Dose Capsules

Boojum FSO capsules feature an easy, familiar and effective delivery method. Each of the 30 capsules includes a high dose of THC, giving patients potent, long lasting relief. The vegan capsules also contain coconut-derived MCT oil, a healthy fat that helps the body to digest the cannabinoids and terpenes more efficiently, and carnauba wax, a natural, plant-based stabilizerStrain: Riesling
Riesling is a fruity cultivar with a sweet earthy tone. A blend of the sugary sour Grape Pie, and award winning Flo White cultivars, Riesling combines the best of both worlds. The myrcene contributes a sedative effect, but the other terpenes counter it, for a hybrid that falls slightly on the sativa side. The result is a happy, relaxed high that carries throughout the day.30 capsules per container. 16.52 mg THC per capsule.

Strain Details

Manufacturer: Boojum

16.52mg THC per piece

Total Cannabiniods: 495.54mg



Terpene Profile:
Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene