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Nestled at the base of Utah mountains are acres of land growing beautiful, top-quality, herbal medicine.   Get an insider’s view of some of the Dragonfly grow rooms, cultivators that work around the clock, and an up-close view of the miraculous, medicinal plant.

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Surrounded by our fellow community members and local businesses, our pharmacy sits in the heart of Utah, in downtown Salt Lake City.
Get a glimpse of the beautiful, modern, clean, and professional pharmacy and how we help patients receive the medicine they need.


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Nothing is more important to us than our patients and the community that binds us all together. Before we even opened our doors, we knew that we wanted to jump head first in the community and use our resources to improve the lives around us. 


The Benefits of a Vertically Integrated Business Model

We are proud to provide excellent quality products and incredible service from “seed to sale” with every Dragonfly product! Dragonfly is one of only three Utah medical cannabis companies that are vertically integrated. This business model is incredibly important to us and our patients because it allows us to control three key factors in the supply chain: quality, production, and price.

Infographic describing the four steps of vertical integration in the cannabis industry: 1) Cultivation 2) Lab/extraction 3) Manufacturing 4) Retail


1) Quality. We can track, measure, and grow the very BEST products for our patients and have full transparency into the different types of cultivars that are being grown and the types of nutrients used. We understand everything that is put into our products to ensure safe quality medicine makes it to the shelf.

2) Supply. We always know how many plants we are growing and what our anticipated yields are so we can effectively manage the supply and availability of products at our pharmacy. This ensures our patients will always get consistent quality product when they need it. Further, it allows us to adapt to the changing needs of the market and respond quickly when patients find products that help find them relief.

3) Price. Since we can move product from cultivation to processing to retail, we are in full control of our cost structure. We eliminate any unnecessary “middle man” costs that add little to no value to the supply chain. This is why Dragonfly Wellness is able to deliver the best quality products at the most affordable prices in the entire state! Keeps costs low means we can pass on the savings to you, the patient!