Most patients look at THC and might discredit the benefits of CBD. This may be that they only have experience with higher THC and lower CBD levels. Others may have tried CBD alone and have not seen any benefit. However when THC and CBD come together it raises the benefits to the next level.

There is a term used called the entourage effect. Simply put when multiple cannabinoids come together they boost each other up and help each other out. So those patients that haven’t seen any results from just CBD they were just missing the THC part to boost it up. When we look at the benefits of each of those, it depends on what we are trying to treat.

For pain, THC will target pain, CBD will target inflammation and muscle relaxation.

For sleep, CBD may cause more tiredness while THC will keep us asleep.

For mood and anxiety both CBD and THC can help. Sometimes too much THC can cause more anxiety so we add CBD to minimize that chance.

CBD will also minimize the psychoactivity of THC.

Adding CBD may also decrease the buildup of tolerance, and may also allow patients to use a lower dose.

Its like trying to finish a puzzle, THC and CBD are just different pieces of that puzzle and we need both to complete the picture.

To find out how the combination may be beneficial for your condition schedule a consultation with our pharmacists.